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Chapter 6

Policies of Insurance

Penalty for policy of insurance not duly stamped.

[SA1891 s100; FA1959 s75(4)]

59. —(1) Every person who—

(a) receives, or takes credit for, any premium or consideration for any insurance, and does not, within one month after receiving, or taking credit for, the premium or consideration, make out and execute a duly stamped policy of insurance, or

(b) makes, executes, or delivers out, or pays or allows in account, or agrees to pay or allow in account, any money on or in respect of any policy which is not duly stamped,

shall incur a penalty of £500.

(2) Subsection (1) shall not apply in relation to an insurance or a policy effecting an insurance if the insurance is such that a policy effecting it is exempt from all stamp duties.

Short-term life insurance policies.

[FA1970 s43(1) and (2)]

60. —(1) For the purpose of the charge to stamp duty a policy of life insurance shall be treated as made for a period exceeding 2 years if it contains any provision whereby it may become available for a period exceeding 2 years in all.

(2) Where, at any time after the making of a policy for a period not exceeding 2 years, the policy is varied so that it becomes or may become available for a period exceeding 2 years in all, the policy shall become chargeable with the same duty as would have been chargeable if it had been made on the date of the variation for a period exceeding 2 years, and may be stamped accordingly, without penalty, at any time within 30 days after that date.

Location of insurance risk for stamp duty purposes.

[FA1992 s208]

61. —(1) In paragraph (d) of subsection (2) “branch” means an agency or branch of a policyholder or any permanent presence of a policyholder in the State even if that presence does not take the form of an agency or branch but consists merely of an office managed by the policyholder's own staff or by a person who is independent but has permanent authority to act for the policyholder in the same way as an agency.

(2) For the purpose of charging stamp duty, the risk to which a policy of insurance or a policy of life insurance relates shall be deemed to be located in the State—

(a) where the insurance relates either to buildings or to buildings and their contents, in so far as the contents are covered by the same insurance policy, if the property is situated in the State;

(b) where the insurance relates to vehicles of any kind, if such vehicles are registered in the State;

(c) in the case of policies of a duration of 4 months or less covering travel or holiday risks, if the policyholder took out the policy in the State;

(d) in any other case, if the policyholder has his or her habitual residence in the State, or where the policyholder is a legal person other than an individual, if the policyholder's head office or branch to which the policy relates is situated in the State.

Limitation of stamp duty on certain instruments relating to 2 or more distinct matters.

[FA1982 s94(4)(b)(ii)]

62. — An instrument shall not be charged with duty exceeding £1 by reason only that it contains or relates to 2 or more distinct matters each falling within the heading “POLICY OF INSURANCE other than Life Insurance where the risk to which the policy relates is located in the State” in Schedule 1.