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36 1954



The Registrar of Solicitors and the Roll of Solicitors.

Registrar of solicitors.

8. —(1) There shall be a registrar of solicitors (in this Act referred to as the registrar).

(2) The Society shall appoint their secretary or some other suitable person to be the registrar.

(3) The registrar shall be appointed on such terms and conditions, and with such emoluments (if any) payable out of the funds of the Society, as the Society determines.

(4) The Society may remove the registrar from office.

(5) The Society may appoint a deputy to act as the registrar for a period and the functions of the registrar shall be performed by the deputy during that period.

Roll of solicitors.

9. —(1) The registrar shall maintain an alphabetical list of solicitors (in this Act referred to as the roll).

(2) The registrar shall keep the roll available for public inspection during office hours without payment.

Admission and enrolment.

10. —(1) A person who has fulfilled such of the requirements of Part IV of this Act as apply in relation to him may apply to the Chief Justice to be admitted as a solicitor.

(2) On receiving an application in accordance with subsection (1) of this section, the Chief Justice, unless cause to the contrary is shown to his satisfaction, shall, by instrument in writing, admit the applicant as a solicitor.

(3) A person admitted as a solicitor may apply to the registrar to have his name entered on the roll and the registrar, on production of the instrument by which he was admitted, shall enter the name of such person on the roll.

Limitation of time for certain applications to strike off roll.

11. —(1) A solicitor shall not be liable to have his name struck off the roll on account of a defect in his indentures of apprenticeship, or in the registration thereof or his service thereunder, or in his admission and enrolment, unless the application to strike his name off the roll is made within twelve months after the date of his enrolment.

(2) Subsection (1) of this section shall not apply where fraud is proved to have been committed in connection with the indentures, registration, service, admission or enrolment.

Notification of death.

12. —A registrar of deaths shall, where an entry is made in the register of deaths concerning a person whose name is on the roll, forthwith send by post to the registrar a certified copy of the entry, and may charge the cost of the certificate and of the sending thereof to the registrar as an expense of his office of registrar of deaths.