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25 1950



Labourers' Cottages.

Provision of labourers cottages for letting to persons of working classes.

24. —(1) The council of a county may provide cottages under the Labourers Acts for letting to persons of the working classes, within the meaning of the Housing of the Working Classes Acts, living in a county health district.

(2) Any letting made before the passing of this Act which would be valid if made under this section shall be and be deemed always to have been a valid letting under the Labourers Acts.

(3) A person to whom a cottage has been let under this section shall not be entitled to purchase the cottage under the Labourers Act, 1936 (No. 24 of 1936).

(4) Paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of section 6 of the Act of 1932, as amended by section 23 of the Act of 1948, (which relates to the making of a contribution towards the annual loan charges incurred by a local authority in respect of money borrowed by them for the provision of housing accommodation for agricultural labourers) shall be construed as if the reference to money borrowed included a reference to money borrowed by a local authority for the provision of cottages under this section.

(5) For the purposes of this section the council of a county shall have the powers and be subject to the obligations conferred and imposed upon a housing authority by the Labourers Acts.

Application of Labourers Act, 1936, where cottage comes within urban area.

25. —Where a cottage provided under the Labourers Acts comes within an urban area within the meaning of section 22 of this Act, the Labourers Act, 1936 , shall continue to apply to the cottage until its transfer to the urban authority under the said section 22, notwithstanding that the cottage is no longer in a county health district.

Utilisation of land acquired under Labourers Acts.

26. —Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any enactment, any land acquired by a local authority under the Labourers Acts may be used by the local authority for any of the purposes of those Acts.

Provision of shops and other amenities in connection with rural housing.

27. Section 40 of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1931 (No. 50 of 1931), (which relates to the provision by a local authority of shops, playgrounds and other amenities in connection with housing accommodation) shall extend to a local authority in the exercise of its powers under the Labourers Acts.

Amendment of section 6 of Labourers (Ireland) Act, 1883.

28. —Section 6 of the Labourers (Ireland) Act, 1883, (which relates to the requisites of an improvement scheme of a sanitary authority) is hereby amended by the deletion of the words “The scheme shall avoid all interference with the demesne and amenity of residence of the owner of the lands proposed to be taken, or with any home farm, or lands immediately adjoining and customarily occupied with such residence”.

Power of Minister to prescribe forms, etc., and dispense with notices.

29. —(1) The Minister may make regulations prescribing anything which by the Labourers Acts is required to be prescribed and also the form of any notice, advertisement or other document and the scale of any map which is required or authorised to be used or given under or for the purposes of the said Acts.

(2) The Minister may dispense with the service of notices required to be published or served by a local authority under the Labourers Acts if he is satisfied that there is reasonable cause for dispensing with the service thereof.

(3) Any such dispensation may be given by the Minister either before or after the time at which the notice is required to be served and either unconditionally or upon such conditions as to the service of other notices or otherwise as the Minister thinks fit, due care being taken by the Minister to prevent the interests of any persons being prejudiced by the dispensation.

Amendment of section 43 of Act of 1948.

30. —Subsection (6) of section 43 of the Act of 1948 is hereby amended by the insertion, after the words “no objection”, of the words “other than a withdrawn objection”.

Continuance of Labourers Acts.

31. —The Labourers Acts shall continue in force until the 31st day of December, 1955.