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3 1945



Amendment of Awards.

Execution of additional works.

39. —(1) At any time after an Award has been made by the Commissioners under this Act, it shall be lawful for the Minister, by order made on the application of the Commissioners, to empower the Commissioners to do all or any of the following things, that is to say:—

(a) to execute such further drainage works (by way of addition to or improvement of the drainage works mentioned in such Award) as may appear to the Commissioners to be necessary for the efficient working of the said drainage works mentioned in the said Award;

(b) compulsorily to acquire any specified lands;

(c) compulsorily to acquire, abolish or interfere with any weirs, sluices, easements, fisheries, water-rights, navigation-rights, or other rights.

(2) An order made by the Minister under this section may incorporate and apply such of the provisions of this Act as shall appear to him to be necessary or appropriate and, in particular, shall authorise and require the Commissioners to make such supplemental Award as shall be requisite.

Amendment of Awards.

40. —(1) It shall be lawful for the Commissioners whenever they think proper, with the sanction of the Minister, to amend in any respect any Award previously made by them under this Act.

(2) Every amendment under this section of an Award shall be made by a supplemental Award which may contain such consequential or incidental amendments as shall be appropriate.

Application of certain provisions to supplemental Awards.

41. —The provisions contained in Part II of this Act in respect of the enrolment of an Award, the retention of a copy of an Award, the sending of copies of an Award to councils of counties, the conclusiveness of an Award, and the evidential operation of a certified copy of an Award shall apply and have effect in relation to a supplemental Award made under this Part of this Act.