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50 1931




Rules as to Assessment of Compensation applicable in the case of land comprised in a clearance area.

The arbitrator shall assess the compensation to be paid for the land, including any buildings thereon, as the value at the time the valuation is made of the land as a site cleared of buildings and available for development in accordance with the requirements of the building bye-laws for the time being in force in the district less such sum as shall be estimated to be the cost of clearing and levelling such land.


Rules as to Assessment of Compensation applicable in the case of land purchased under Part II of this Act, not being land comprised in a Clearance Area.

1. If the arbitrator is satisfied with respect to any premises that the rental thereof was enhanced by reason of their being used for illegal purposes, or being so overcrowded as to be dangerous or injurious to the health of the inmates, the compensation shall so far as it is based on rental, be based on the rental which would have been obtainable if the premises were occupied for legal purposes and only by the number of persons whom the premises were, under all the circumstances of the case, fitted to accommodate without such overcrowding.

2. If the arbitrator is satisfied that any premises are in a state of defective sanitation or are not in reasonably good repair the compensation shall be the estimated value of the premises if put into a sanitary condition, or reasonably good repair, less the estimated expense of putting them into such condition or repair.

3. The local authority may tender evidence as to the matters aforesaid, notwithstanding that they have not taken any steps with a view to remedying the defects or evils disclosed by the evidence.

4. The arbitrator shall have regard to and make an allowance in respect of any increased value which, in his opinion, will be given to other premises of the same owner by the demolition by the local authority of any buildings.