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12 2004

Private Security Services Act 2004


Appeals against Decisions of Authority

Private Security Appeal Board.

40. —(1) There stands established a body to be known as the Private Security Appeal Board (in this Act referred to as “the Appeal Board”), or in the Irish language An Bord Achomhairc um Shlándáil Phríobháideach, to hear and determine appeals against decisions of the Authority.

(2) The Appeal Board shall be independent in the performance of its functions.

(3) The provisions of Schedule 2 shall have effect in relation to the Appeal Board.

Appeal to High Court on question of law.

41. —(1) Within 3 months after the date on which an appeal is determined by the Appeal Board any party to the appeal may appeal to the High Court on any question of law arising from the determination.

(2) The Court may affirm the determination or set it aside and make any other determination the Appeal Board could have made or remit the case to the Appeal Board for further consideration.

(3) An appeal may not be brought from a decision of the Court under this section except by its leave.