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21 1993



Preliminary and General

Short title.

1. —This Act may be cited as the Statistics Act, 1993.


2. —This Act shall come into operation on such day as the Taoiseach by order appoints.


3. —In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears—

civil servant” means a person holding a position in the Civil Service;

contravention” includes failure or refusal to comply;

copy” means the reproduction of a record or any part thereof by clerical, photographic, electronic or any other means;

dissemination” means the publication, sale or provision of official statistics in any other manner or form either directly or indirectly through other persons or undertakings;

the Director General” means the Director General of the Central Statistics Office;

functions” includes powers and duties;

local authority” means a local authority for the purposes of the Local Government Act, 1941 ;

the Office” means the Central Statistics Office;

officer of statistics” means a person so defined in section 20 of this Act;

official statistics” means statistics compiled by the Office or any other public authority whether under this Act or otherwise;

person in charge” means the person who is for the time being in charge of any premises or undertaking including owners and tenants;

premises” includes any dwelling, other building, hut, caravan, tent, place, vessel in Irish territorial waters, aircraft and train;

public authority” means any Department of State, local authority, health board or other body established by any enactment;

public servant” means a person holding a position in any public authority, including the Garda Síochána;

record” includes any paper, photographic, electronic or other mode of recording or storing information and any form, schedule, questionnaire, instruction or other such document;

the repealed enactments” means the Statistics Acts, 1926 and 1946, repealed by this Act;

statistics” includes, in addition to numerical data, information not expressible numerically which is necessary for the collection, compilation, analysis or interpretation of data;

undertaking” means the whole or any part of a business enterprise, agricultural holding, institution, association or public authority.


4. —The Taoiseach may by order revoke or amend an order made by him under this Act.

Laying of orders before Houses of the Oireachtas.

5. —An order made under this Act shall be laid as soon as may be before each House of the Oireachtas.


6. —The expenses incurred in the administration of this Act shall, to such extent as may be sanctioned by the Minister for Finance, be paid out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas.

Repeals and consequential provisions.

7. —(1) The Statistics Acts, 1926 and 1946, are hereby repealed.

(2) The Statistics (Trade Statistics (Shannon Free Airport)) Order, 1970 (S.I. No. 68 of 1970), and every order made on or after the 1st day of January, 1988, under any provision of an enactment repealed by subsection (1) of this section and in force immediately before such repeal shall continue in force as if made under the corresponding provision of this Act.

(3) All information, questionnaires, forms and other records collected in compliance with orders made under the repealed enactments are subject to the restrictions on use and prohibitions on disclosure of information specified in sections 32 , 33 , 34 and 35 of this Act.

(4) All information provided voluntarily to the Central Statistics Office prior to the commencement of this Act shall be subject to the same protection and provisions as if such information was collected under this Act.

(5) Any person acting as an officer of statistics under the Statistics Acts, 1926 and 1946, immediately prior to their repeal under subsection (1) of this section shall continue as an officer of statistics under the corresponding provisions of this Act.