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30 1923



Special Powers in relation to Defence.

General Powers of Minister with consent of Executive Council.

29. —The Minister with the consent of the Executive Council may:—

(a) Construct and maintain barracks, forts, and defence works;

(b) Establish and maintain or contract for the establishment or maintenance of arms and ammunition factories and factories for the manufacture of military clothing, equipment, and other warlike stores;

(c) Construct and maintain aerodromes and other matters incidental thereto;

(d) Acquire, construct, and maintain artillery and rifle ranges and other matters incidental thereto,

and may do all things necessary for the efficient defence and protection of the State or any part thereof.

Manoeuvres and training.

30. —(1) The Minister may from time to time appoint areas wherein any portion of the Forces may be trained and exercised in manoeuvres and may by regulation prescribe the conditions under which compensation may be claimed by and paid to owners or occupiers of land in those areas for damage or loss sustained by them in consequence of the use of their land by the Forces as aforesaid: Provided that no camp shall be erected within a radius of at least two hundred yards of a private dwellinghouse except with the consent of the owner thereof.

(2)—In areas so appointed or in the vicinity of places used as artillery or rifle ranges for the Forces, the officer in command of the portion of the Forces engaged in artillery or rifle practice or in manoeuvres may temporarily stop all traffic by land or water in the vicinity of that place or in that area so far as in his opinion may be necessary for the security of life and the proper conduct of the practice or manoeuvres.