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30 1923



Military Education.

Military College.

23. —(1) Out of the moneys specially appropriated by the Oireachtas for the purpose, the Minister may establish and maintain an Institution for training and instructing:—

(a) Candidates for appointment to commissioned rank in the Forces;

(b) Officers of the Forces; and

(c) Such other Citizens as the Regulations may declare to be eligible for admission to that Institution.

At the said Institution there may be combined with the military training and instruction such other training and instruction of an educational nature as may be prescribed.

(2) The Institution shall be designated the Irish Military College.

(3) Students at the Irish Military College other than commissioned officers shall be formed into a Military Corps and their services in that Corps shall be reckoned towards service in the Forces as may be prescribed.

(4) All students under instruction at the Irish Military College shall be subject to the same discipline as that to which soldiers of the Forces are subject under this Act

(5) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the appointment of the Staff of the College, the duration and description of the courses of instruction and training therein, the conditions of the future services required from the graduates of the College and all matters relating to the management, control, and good government of the College shall be as prescribed.

Classes of Instruction.

24. —For the purpose of securing a high degree of military training and efficiency in the Forces, and of fitting members of the Forces for their duties therein, the Minister may make such educational arrangements as are deemed necessary, and may in particular establish special classes and courses of instruction for members of the Forces who are selected to attend such classes and courses.

Officers and non-commissioned officers to be instructed in giving commands in each of official languages of the State.

25. —All officers and non-commissioned ranks of the Forces shall be instructed in giving and receiving executive words of command in each of the official languages of the State.