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30 1923



Form of Descriptive Return.

Section 190 .

Descriptive Return of who at on the day of and was committed to confinement at on the day of as a Deserter (or Absentee without leave) from the Bn. of the Regiment of

After the word “who” to be inserted either the words “was apprehended” or “surrendered himself” as the case may be.

Age _________________________________________________________________

Height ________________________________ Feet. Inches.

Complexion ___________________________________________________________

Hair _________________________________________________________________

Eyes _________________________________________________________________

Marks ________________________________________________________________

In uniform or plain clothes_________________________________________________

Probable date and place of attestation________________________________________

Probable date of desertion or beginning of absence, and from what place _______________________________

Name, occupation, and address of the person by whom or through whose means the Deserter (or Absentee without leave) was apprehended and secured __________________________________________________

Particulars in the evidence on which the Prisoner is committed, and showing whether he surrendered or was apprehended, and in what manner and upon what grounds. The fullest possible details to be given__________________________________________________

I do hereby certify that the Prisoner has been duly examined before me as to the circumstances herein stated, and has declared in my presence that he

______________ Signature.


of Committing District Justice.

______________ Residence.

______________ Post Town

the before mentioned corps, and I recommend for a reward of

_______________ Signature of Prisoner.

_______________ Signature of Informant.

Or where the Prisoner confessed and evidence of the truth or falsehood of such confession is not then forthcoming—

I hereby certify that the above named Prisoner confessed to the circumstances above stated, but that evidence of the truth or falsehood of such confession is not forthcoming, and that the case was adjourned until the day of for the purpose of obtaining such evidence from a Member of the Executive Council.

____________ Signature.

____________ Residence.

____________ Post Town.