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30 1923



Impressment of Carriages.

Section 178

Table of Rates of Payment for Carriages and Animals.

Carriages and Animals.

Rate per Mile.

For every hundredweight loaded on any wheeled vehicle.

One halfpenny.

The mileage when reckoned for the purpose of payment shall include the distance from home to the place of starting, and the distance home from the place of discharge.

Regulations as to Carriages and Animals.

(1). Where the whole distance for which a carriage is furnished is under one mile the payment shall be for a full mile.

(2). The minimum sum payable for a car shall be threepence, and for a dray, sixpence per mile.

(3). The payment shall be at the same rate for each hundredweight in excess of the amount which the carriage is liable under this schedule to carry.

(4). A carriage shall not be required to travel more than twenty-five miles.

(5). A carriage shall not, except in case of pressing emergency, be required to travel more than one day's march prescribed in the route.

(6). A carriage shall not be required to carry, if a car more than six hundredweight, and if a dray more than twelve hundredweight.

(7). The load for each carriage shall, if required, at the expense of the owner of the carriage, and if the same can be done within a reasonable time without hindrance to the service, be weighed before it is placed in the carriage.