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26 1923



Allowances for Dependants of Soldiers.

1 Widow

17s. 6d. per week during widowhood, and a gratuity of £45 10s. 0d. on first re-marriage.

2 Children who are in the case of sons under the age of 16, or in the case of daughters under the age of 18.

(a) While mother is living, 5s. per week for the first child and 3s. 6d. per week for each other child.

(b) After the death of mother, 8s. 6d. per week for each child.

3 Each child of or over the age of 12 and under the age of 18.

Repayment of amount proved to have been in fact necessarily and properly expended in educational fees, but not exceeding £35, in any one calendar year, where evidence to the satisfaction of the Minister is produced that the child of a soldier would benefit by education of a more advanced nature than that provided in Primary Schools, and would appear to have been deprived of such education owing to the death of his (or her) father.

4 (a) Mother

(b) Father over 60 years of age or incapacitated by ill health.

(c) Permanently invalided brother or sister.

(d) Grandparents.

One allowance at the rate of 15s. per week. If there are two or more such dependants only one allowance shall be payable, and such allowance shall be paid to such one of the dependants as the Minister for Defence shall direct.

5 Each brother under the age of 16 and each sister under the age of 18.

Allowance of 5s. per week; but the total allowances under this section shall not in the case of any one soldier exceed 15s. per week. No allowance shall be payable under this section in any case in which any allowance is payable under any of the foregoing sections.

6. Where a soldier leaves orphan children in the care of a person mentioned in section 4 of this schedule who is dependent on him, the total allowances payable in respect of such person and such children shall not exceed the total allowances which, if the soldier had left a widow, would have been payable under sections 1 and 2 during the widowhood of such widow.

7. No allowance shall be payable to any person under the foregoing provisions of this Schedule unless such person was, at the date of the death of the soldier in respect of whom such allowance is claimed, wholly dependent on such soldier.

8. Where a soldier leaves persons partially dependent on him, such persons shall not be granted any allowance, but in necessitous cases or other special circumstances a gratuity or gratuities may be granted to all or any such partial dependants. The total amount of the gratuities granted under this section in respect of any one soldier shall not exceed the sum of £100.

9. Whenever any dependant was wholly or partially dependent on more than one deceased person, such dependant shall not receive, in respect of such deceased person, allowances or gratuities exceeding in the whole the maximum allowance which could be granted to such dependant under this Schedule in respect of any one of such deceased persons. In this clause the expression “deceased person” includes a deceased officer as well as a deceased soldier.